The First Ever Vegan Social Bites Dinner Excursion!

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We’ve been alluding to this a bit on our Twitter account, so perhaps you’re wondering what all of this Social Bites business is about.

Social Bites organizes fun dinner excursions in the Vancouver area. Food enthusiasts are invited to purchase tickets to the dinner excursions, which involve stopping by two local hobby chef homes where they entertain you with their best attempts at culinary magic.

Here’s how it works (from the Social Bites website):

“Our hobby chefs prepare their favourite savoury dish in their own kitchen. Each hobby chef welcomes four dinner guests in two “sittings”. The hobby chef spends about one hour with the first four guests, serving his/her fabulous dish, mingling and having a jolly good time. Goodbyes are said and the next four guests are welcomed at the hobby chef’s home. Another exciting hour is spent with new friends before everyone heads off to the Social Bites Hot Spot location.

“Guests judge the dishes they eat at two hobby chefs’ homes. Feedback is polled at the end of the evening and the Social Bites Hobby Chef Award is presented to the hobby chef who dazzled guests with outstanding taste, presentation and hospitality. All hobby chefs are rewarded with a free guest dinner pass for the next dinner excursion and the winner receives a foodie prize package.”

Sounds like fun, right?!

The Vegan Project is super excited to be competing in the first ever vegan Social Bites event which goes down on February 19th. Bridget will be cooking at her home, with Jessica as her sous chef. The other hobby chefs competing are Julie Beyer (from For The Love of Food, organizer of the 2011 Whole Food Challenge), and Malloreigh from Vegan Mischief, with the fourth hobby chef to be confirmed.

A total of 16 tickets will go on sale to the public once all chefs are confirmed (likely next week). They’re $35 per person and must be purchased in pairs.

Want to know more about Social Bites? Founder and organizer Annika Reinhardt will be joining us on the Storytelling Show this Sunday at 9pm on Co-op Radio 102.7FM (listen online at to tell us stories about her dining excursion experiences and all the wild things the hobby chefs have done in the past to try to win their guests over.

Social Bites will likely be presenting more vegan dinner (and maybe even brunch) excursions in the near future so if you don’t get your hands on a ticket this time, stay tuned!

Check out the Social Bites Facebook page for highlights from previous dinner excursions.

~ The Vegan Project


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