The Juice Cleanse!

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On September 3rd The Vegan Project members Sam and Bridget, and their friend non-vegan friend Alex, embarked on a 3-Day juice cleanse courtesy of the Juice Truck based right here in Vancouver.

For me (Bridget), I was a little sceptical about not eating. I am someone that has always been naturally thin and have never been on a diet. The thought of being hungry, possibly turning into ‘hangry’, scared me a little.

Sam was a little more prepared in the hunger department as she was on a very strict diet during competition prep. Read more about her juice cleanse here.

Our friend Alex had an extra hurdle to overcome during this juice cleanse. She’s a health conscience meat eater who was kicking the oh-so-hard habit of smoking, at the same time (I’ve been there).

How It Works

The evening before Day 1 a nice man dropped off three days worth of juices and gave us the run down on what to do. Sam and I greeted him with 2 gigantic coffees in hand (a no-n0 the day before) and listened attentively. He noted that if we were experiencing extreme caffein withdrawal that we could have 1/8 of a teaspoon of espresso. He also said that we could have some raw veggies if the hunger pangs were just too much to bear.

We were delivered he following: 18 juices, 3 protein milks (hemp/walnut), 3 packages of chia seeds and 1 probiotic rice milk. We would consume 6 juices, 1 protein milk and 1 package of chia seeds per day. On the last day we were to drink half the probiotic rice milk, and the other half the next day.

Bridget’s thoughts…

On the menu: The Digestive, The Base, The Energizer, Refresh Tonic, The Base, Protein Milk, Sleep Tonic. On the last day, swapped out the first day’s first Base juice with Skin juice (so yummy) and probiotic rice milk.

Started off well. Missing that morning coffee a lot. I think I could live on a coffee diet alone. I should really reflect on that, huh? Went to a flow yoga class with Sam, had a couple sauna sessions and went to town at David’s Tea for some satiating sippers to get through the hard times. Purchased: New Delhi Delight, Mango Lassi and Organic Glow.

Feelings of: a back and forth of feeling energized and tired. Definitely a bit irritable (you can my boyfriend about that one).

Would I recommend it to a friend? YES! I feel really clean and fresh, and more mindful of eating processed foods and consuming numerous caffeinated beverages throughout the day. I also have kept up the lemon water in the morning, followed by a green juice, and I feel really good about it. As Sam remarked, how can you have a bad day when it starts off so good? I look forward to doing it again in the spring.

Here’s what Alex had to say…

In a lot of ways the Juice Cleanse ran completely counter to my expectations.  I experienced the typical effects of a cleanse: during the first day or two (headaches, tiredness and an overall fogginess) and by the the time it was finished I felt completely reinvigorated, energized and focused.  However, having never before sustained myself consuming only juice, I expected to be thoroughly famished.  As it turns out quite the opposite was true; drinking 7 juices a day proved to be too much for me.

By day three, I was only drinking half of some of the juices because I simply couldn’t put anymore into my system.  I am a smaller person so maybe that makes sense (or maybe I malnourished myself on the last day?)… Either way, my lack of hunger was extremely shocking to me.  Day three was a little tough because it was an 19 hour day for me. I had school all day and then worked at a lounge with a full kitchen at night. The smell of cooked food and coffee (the love of my life and “food group” I missed most of all) was a little trying, but the delicious Protein Milk got me through the final hours.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my Juice Cleanse experience and will do it at least once a year from now on to give my body a quick tune up.  I would strongly recommend this as a “gateway cleanse” for anyone who is considering experimenting with cleansing. Since it is only three days long it doesn’t take much of a commitment or interfere with your life.  Plus the Juice Truck guys are wonderful and make the experience so effortless (unlike a lot of other cleanses in which preparing meals becomes a full time job). They drop off everything you need the night before you start your cleanse, walk you through the instructions in person (the info is also online) and they make you feel welcome to contact them with any questions you may have.  Thank you Juice Truck for your great products and service!

~The Vegan Project

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