The Vegan Project Does Northern BC

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Aaaand we’re back! Jacked on the Beanstalk: A Vegan Bodybuilding Adventure came to an end on Monday, and we’ve still got visions of beautiful BC countryside and orange, rippling muscles dancing in our heads. Most of all, we’re incredibly proud of our friend Samantha Shorkey for winning first place in her division at the Northern BC Classic! She competed all-natural (no fat burners or other funky drugs) and vegan against others who built their physiques with meat and perhaps even performance-enhancing supplements. A huge victory for vegan athletes everywhere!

Here’s a recap of our trip:

First Stop: Prince George

The drive through the Cariboo to Prince George was as gorgeous as it could be. We were all pleasantly surprised at the rolling hills, majestic mountains, beautiful trees, and historic gold rush towns along the way. As we entered PG, we sent out a tweet asking for fun things vegans might like to do while in town. Zameer Karim from CKPG television tweeted us right away, and asked us for an interview! The next night, we were a Prince George top news story! Watch the video.

Second Stop: Fort St. John

The next morning, we were off to Fort St. John, but stopped in at Starbucks for some soy lattes first. Outside, a man walking by informed us that he had been raised as a vegan his whole life. In fact, people often stopped and asked us questions or told us stories about their takes on veganism. This was perhaps sparked by our matching neon green Team Shorkey shirts and awesome vehicle decals from Seen Signs (these guys rule, by the way).

What did we eat along the way? Our cooler in the back of the truck was definitely a lifesaver! In the spaces we could find between Sam’s bodybuilding meals, we stuffed carrots, hummus, taco chips, salsa, fruit and of course, Vega bars and savi snacks to keep us fuelled on the road.

When we arrived in Fort St. John, we were sure to stop at Whole Wheat and Honey, a little cafe near the competition venue that served vegan-friendly soups, salads and breakfasts. It was definitely the most vegan-friendly place we encountered during the whole trip.

Then, on the night before the big competition, something magical happened. We randomly stumbled into what was likely one of the worst strip clubs in Fort St. John, and Jessica decided to spend $2 on some pull-tabs. She gave one to each of the girls, and Sam chose a Lady Luck pull-tab, which was a $150 winner!! Lady Luck was definitely on Team Shorkey’s side!

Competition Day

After a lot of primping and fake-tanner application, we shuttled Sam over to the competition venue to protect her orange skin from the rain drops. We hollered and hooted for Team Shorkey as she strutted on stage during the preliminary judging round. Sam had a good feeling that she was being considered as a top competitor, and she definitely looked like tough competition! Later that evening, we screamed our heads off when she took first place in the Bikini Tall Division!!

Post Competition Hog Fest

After the competition, celebrations included drinking whiskey out of Sam’s trophy, Sam downing a jar of peanut butter, and spending the $150 pull-tab winnings on cheeseless pizza, fried potatoes, and cocktails at Boston Pizza.

The next day, we headed home, stopping in the beautiful yet sleepy town of Williams Lake, and then the home stretch to Vancouver.


Congratulations Sam! For the play-by-play of the trip and more information on being a vegan athlete, check out Samantha Shorkey’s Jacked on the Beanstalk Facebook page.


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