The Vegan Project’s Top Ten of 2010!

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1. Vegan Clauss – We convinced our meat-centric Brazilian friend Clauss to try vegan for a week!  He liked it so much he extended it to a month.  Then it was back to the bbq…

2. Snoop Dougie Dog – First, we saw Snoop Doggy Dog in concert!  Secondly, we discovered the most amazing vegan hot dog served on the Vancouver market to date.  A variety of vegan toppings (including house made guacamole) and the friendliest staff ever make Dougie Dog Hot Dogs the best late night eats on the Granville Strip.

3. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese takes off! – Our friends Jesse and Janine decided to give vegan a try for a week as well.  They are both culinarily inclined, thus creating this unique and delicious version of Mac & Cheese. Well man, was this post popular!  It’s hits soared into the thousands, making it to this day one of our most popular recipes.

4. LASAGNA SANDWICH! – In one day, homemade bread is made alongside a mini lasagna, combining forces to make arguably the most delicious sandwich you’ve ever had.

5. No B.O.! – Bridget decides to give natural deodorant a whirl and depicts a pungent  transition period.

6. Cocktail Kitchen Series goes vegan with India vs Gin – The folks at The Refinery knock our socks off with Ben De Champlain’s Indian 3 course masterpiece, and Lauren Mote’s succulent designer cocktails to match-all vegan!

7. Jenny Duffy joins the team! – Our long time friend Jenny inches towards full on veganism and begins contributing to The Vegan Project website with her insightful posts and gourmet recipes.  It’s been better ever since!

8. The Website Launch Party! – Our website finally launches, bringing to fruition.  We had a party to celebrate, complete with awesome sponsorship from some of our favourite brands, and raised $500 for the Top Chef program at Grandview Elementary.

9. CBC Radio 3 – Elliott Garnier, producer of the Lanarama show on CBC Radio 3, challenges The Vegan Project to create a vegan main dish to rival a turkey at a traditional holiday meal.  We went up against a panel of judges who would determine whether we succeeded, including Meeru Dhalwala from Vij’s. No pressure!  You’ll have to listen to the show to find out if we passed the test…

10. Ninjabread Men! – We hosted our first bake sale, GET BAKED! at the Main Space. The event had eight vendors selling their baked (and unbaked) delights, and saw over 75 people through the doors. Not bad for a vegan bake sale! The biggest hit at The Vegan Project’s table was Jessica’s Ninjabread Cookies made with DIY Ninja cutters.  They sold like hot cakes, with only a few casualties from battle ending up as samples.

Happy New Year!


~The Vegan Project

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