The Veganization of Jesse James

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We are delighted to report that our friend Jesse James Bannister is going to try a vegan diet for 1 week beginning tomorrow!  He has been provided with a customized meal plan, corresponding shopping list and all the recipes needed to ensure an easy transition.

Jesse James is 29 and a Graphic Designer/DJ who claims to be “allergic to bad attitudes and ugg boots.”   He will be sharing his experience with all of us over the next 7 days which we will be sharing with all of you! So bookmark us and cheer Jesse on as he embarks on his very own Vegan Project.


  1. I did my shopping. lets just say vegan start-up aint cheap. Oh and if you ask 3 people where agave syrup is and they look at you like you need to be changed. Just try all the aisles its near the ice cream cones

  2. You’re right-the start up can be pricey. Once you have all the basics it becomes more affordable for sure.
    Pretty soon we’ll have you soaking your own beans and buying agave in bulk at Costco!

  3. Sounds awesome! Go Jesse go!!

  4. Did he mention he has also recruited his rare steak and eggs loving girlfriend too?

    Now only our dog is left to recruit.

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