Top 10 Vegan Salads for Summer

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Summer is in full effect here on the West Coast of Canada and the hot sun has been shining for days. Weather like this calls for lots of salads, which as vegans, we know all about. In fact, some might say we win friends with salad – I know I definitely have! We’ve put together a list of our Top 10 Vegan Salads for Summer for your next picnic, beach day or barbecue. Enjoy!

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1. Kale Slaw with Barbecue Crumbles – Just a few steps away from a smoky barbecue slaw that packs a ton of flavour!

2. Grilled Corn and Potato Salad – Grilling the corn and potatoes makes such a difference in flavour.

3. Vegan Salad Nicoise – A few steps for this french classic, but so worth it!

4. Curried Tofu Salad – A favourite from our eBook Vegan Cooking at Home!

5. Vegan Macaroni Salad – No picnic is complete without a macaroni salad, amiright?

6. Tropical Quinoa Salad with a Ginger-Lime Vinaigrette – This salad is just bursting with summer flavours!

7. Italian Veggie Pasta Salad – This salad makes a lot and doesn’t have any mayo in it, so can last a bit in a cooler.

8. Peach-Infused Quinoa Salad – Little miss Zoe’s ingenious creation – cashews, endive and avocado, oh my!

9. Sunflower Sprout Salad with Wasabi Ginger Dressing – A zingy dressing on top of living sunflower sprouts – nice work, Jen!

10. Val’s Homestyle Potato Salad – Can’t make a list of summer salads without mentioning mom’s potato salad, the cornerstone of the family barbecue.

Hope you’re all having a great start to your summer, and winning over some of your friends with delicious vegan salads!


Bridget // The Vegan Project

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