Vegan brunch at The Acorn

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The ladies of The Vegan Project indulged in an epic brunch last weekend at The Acorn in Vancouver. We dined on pretty much everything on their brunch menu and then discussed/reminisced/dreamed about it many times after. Here’s the breakdown of our lovely meal. 

1. What was your favourite dish?

Z: For a brunch-specific item, the waffle. Pancakes and waffles are a personal favourite (weakness), and the vegan ones aren’t always the same as their dairy-full counterparts. The texture of these was on point, the addition of the artichoke is very unique, and the bourbon maple syrup is a divine addition.

B: The southern fried artichokes with waffles stole the show for me. Baked beans were tied for second with the sauted greens – I love me some beans and greens in the morning.

R: The Waffles are unbelievable. I am a huge fan of savoury/sweet breakfast combinations, and to top it off, this in house waffle is gluten free! The complimentary flavour of the bourbon maple syrup with the southern style artichokes is absolutely delightful!

2. What was the most unique ingredient or flavour combo?

Z: One of the things that stood out the most for me was the inclusion of the chestnuts in the oatmeal dish. I’ve usually had them in savoury dishes, or just as snacks on their own. They have a distinct flavour and texture, and to me they become very prominent in any dish they’re included in.

B: Agreed on the chestnuts! They were a nice savoury crunch in the fancy oatmeal bowl.

R: I am a huge fan of the Bourbon maple syrup in the Artichoke dish!


3. What did you want more of?

Z: Waffles and the chocolate coconut dessert. Always.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

B: One more waffle and one more fried artichoke. And all the homemade hot sauce.

R: The homemade hot sauce is something that I’d love to have in my kitchen. Such a deliciously spicy addition.

4. Compared to other plant-based veg options in the city, where does Acorn take the lead?

Z: The Acorn wins points for an ever-evolving menu, working with lots of local producers, and taking the seasons into account when they’re planning their menus. The results are unique dishes that always taste fresh, and present vegetarian and vegan food in a new light.

B: The Acorn puts vegetables together like no other. They also pay close attention to a balance of proteins and portion size so one doesn’t leave feeling hungry. The staff are super-friendly and knowledgable too (not always the case for veg restaurants unfortunately).

R: The aesthetics and ambiance of The Acorn are just so lovely, warm and inviting. The staff are always so friendly and  confident with the menu, and I just love hearing about the Harvest(daily dish). The food and drink presentation is always so creative and beautiful, almost too beautiful to consume!


5. Also compared to other plant-based veg options in the city, anything that could be improved on?

Z: Some general feedback from the community has been the the price point. I don’t have any personal qualms with it, but it would be great to see one or two dishes at a lower range, which would be more aligned with some of the competition. That said, I think you do pay for quality, presentation and service, and it’s well worth it.

B: I’m going to have to to agree with Zoe in this too. Having a ‘standard’ budget-friendly breakfast option like a tofu scram would be nice to see.

R: I honestly have no complaints. I have no problems with the price point because the quality is always on point. The Acorn is always at the top of my list for a celebratory night out.

6. Are there any traditional breakfast/brunch dishes you would like to see incorporated?

Z: I would love to see their take on a vegan breakfast sandwich!

B: Vegan Egg??? Topped with hollandaise….

R: Oh a Vegan “eggless” benny dish of some sort would be lovely!

7. How do you think The Acorn is working to create a menu that’s appealing to both plant-based (and not plant based) folks?

Z: It comes down to a few important things:

1) Creative ingredients
2) The chefs aren’t afraid to try new things, or very different combos
3) They are taking the non-veggies into account when planning the menus. Everyone is satisfied.
4) Always at least one or two hearty satisfying options (not being full is a criticism of some plant based foods)

B: Beautiful food and passionate people. A winning combination!

R: Creativity, presentation, incredible flavour and innovation(leaving out Tofu)

Also, The Acorn now serves up lunch at Luke’s General Store at 49 West Hastings

Visit The Acorn for brunch Saturday/Sunday 10am-230pm.

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