Day 2 – Vegan-couver! – Bridget

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So, the day was off to a great start as some of you may have read on our twitter this morn.

Strolled down to The drive organics (this is a plug cause it’s where we get most of our groceries and my cousin works there, and they rock!) and picked up some vitasoy and ingredients for tomato rosemary scones.  scarfed four down and then hopped on my bike for a day of painting and errand running.  though i did not pack a lunch, i was fortunate enough to find several vegan options along the way.  we happen to live in a very vegan-friendly city!  met the boyfriend for lunch at Nuba on hastings and cambie.  had a bowl of the daily vegan soup, and a salad, and ordered jay (the boyfriend) a garden falafel (jay is not a vegan but he is having a cholesterol-free september due to a heavy beef injection during a recent stint in alberta)  tada!

stumbled across the wednesday farmer’s market at the train station for some snacks along the way…

finished the day off with a bowl of budgie burrito’s tortilla soup (also within minutes of my studio)…i love this city!

lots of love to all the non-humans out there…bridget xo

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