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Spring is quickly approaching and you know what they say about Spring…New beginnings right? Well, we agree! We’ve been so busy with lots of new beginnings and it’s taking it’s toll. We’re tired, stressed and need a spa day. But seriously, spa days are expensive and we don’t have time for that! Thus, the home spa day is born. It’s uber easy to prep and you can use ingredients in your kitchen pantry. We’re featuring a moisturizing hair mask and an invigorating body scrub, which lets be honest, you probably need after those winter months.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask:

This mask uses coconut oil, which is ultra moisturizing and peppermint oil for a lovely refreshing & awakening scent. Use lemon juice to liven up blonde hair.

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

few drops peppermint oil

squeeze of lemon juice

Apply to damp hair and let soak for 10-15 minutes. Wash out & rinse thoroughly to enjoy silky smooth hair.

Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub

This scrub is great because it finds a use for all those used coffee grounds that go to waste. If you don’t drink coffee, you can leave it out completely and increase the brown sugar. Coffee works well to exfoliate & stimulate the skin.

1/4 cup organic brown sugar

1/4 cup used coffee grounds

1/4 cup olive oil (or enough to make a thick paste)

Scrub into skin in circular motion and rinse thoroughly. Enjoy soft and invigorated skin.

The pantry and fridge are a great place to look to put together at home spa treatments without needing to spend money at the spa/store for pre-made expensive products. Have you guys made any of your own home spa treatments? What have you tried?

-Sami and Erica

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  1. Hey guys loving the spa and beauty tips need a natrual intensive hair moisturiser for us oldies with troublesome greys any suggestions, Great post from in the oven

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