Vegan in Texas – Guest Blogger Alec Stewart visits Casa De Luz in Austin!

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First, may I say that I’m very grateful to the lovely ladies at The Vegan Project for letting me do this.  I’m Alec Stewart, for the majority of you who don’t know.  I’m no one special, I’m just a seventeen year-old vegetarian (parents won’t let me be vegan) dude whose slowly (snail’s pace slow) working his way into the blog world.

Now, enough with formalities, let’s get to the reason why I’m writing – Austin, Texas – A city rising in the foodie world, especially veganism!  I visited Austin only a few weeks ago for the first ever VegFest, and was it awesome! (@TxVegFest or  My dad and I couldn’t exactly spend the whole 8 hours there, so we visited the Whole Foods there for the first time (it literally has EVERYTHING!), and visited this little vegan community/restaurant not too far from it called Casa De Luz.

Casa De Luz (House of Light or Lighthouse) is a small establishment that has yoga and meditation classes, gardens, an auditorium, and a restaurant with a petite shop. Now, if you haven’t figured it out for yourself, my dad and I didn’t go for the yoga…we went for the food!  Casa De Luz is one of those places where the menu changes daily.  The menu on the Saturday were there was as follows: Appetizer – Creamy Cauliflower and Yellow Squash Soup and Salad with Casa Dressing, Entree – Steamed Sweet Potato, Quinoa Salad w/ Almonds and Red Cabbage, Great Northern Beans w/ Red Sauce, and Blanched Greens (Kale) with Pumpkin Seed Sauce.

The food, sweet baby Jesus, was unbelievably fantastic!  The soup was indeed very creamy and had a wonderful bright vegetable flavour, the salad had red cabbage and other greens which I couldn’t identify, with the Casa dressing, which reminded me of a tomatillo salsa. They had a little Parmesan shaker with roughly grounded up sesame seeds, that added an extra toasty element.  The sweet potato I got had purple skin and the inside was green,*shrugs*.  Hey, it tasted like a sweet potato and it was just great plain.  The quinoa salad was fantastic with the freshly toasted almonds, and I’m already a HUGE quinoa fan, and that was possibly one of the best quinoa dishes I’ve ever had! The beans were great, they had that very familiar Mexican taste that all us Texans know  .  The blanched greens, were nice and bitter, but that pumpkin seed sauce, holy crap, that sauce – I want to put that on everything!

I took a quick look at their small shop up front to see what they had. The carry some dried mushrooms, seaweeds, and some products that I never heard of, nor do I remember.

Without a doubt, if you’re vegan, you have to come down and visit Austin some time! It’s a wonderful city that has a lot of vegan and veg-friendly places that have great food, heck there’s even a vegan ice cream parlor! And, definitely go visit Casa De Luz! It definitely is on the list of go-to vegan places in Austin!

A BIG thank you to Alec Stewart for sharing his vegan adventures with us – we hope there are more to come!  Follow him on Twitter @leftystewart and encourage him to get crackin’ on his own blog 😉

~The Vegan Project



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