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Thankfully for vegans, more and more restaurants are catering to the niche demand for specialty menus and considerate kitchens.  But unfortunately for us suburbanites (I live in White Rock) most of these establishments are in Vancouver.

That’s why I am ecstatic to have found Deluxe restaurant on White Rock beach.  As far as particular dining in the ‘burbs goes, they are the most agreeable upscale dining establishment I have come across.  During a recent visit, I was so pleased that I inquired with the manager, Karly, about their philosophy on catering to special diets.  Her response:

“Because everything is made in-house, Deluxe has the capacity to get creative around particular diets.  Our two Canadian Red Seal Chefs embrace the challenge of creating flavorful and unique meals for our guests with special requests.”

Flavorful and unique indeed!  Jessica and I recently went to Deluxe for dinner and their Miso Salad was mouth-watering, affordable at just $10,  and assuredly contained no animal products whatsoever.  The interior of the restaurant is clean, airy and open, with an outstanding ocean view, and the service is prompt, personable and warm.

Another menu option that can be made vegan is the tomato and bocconcini salad, where their house-roasted garlic provides a lovely substitute for the cheese.

You can find Deluxe at 15475 Marine Drive in White Rock, or online at Thank you Deluxe, for bringing big-city style, personality and culinary flexibility to the ‘burbs!

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  1. I think this would be worth a trip to White Rock. Thanks! And love the new layout, much more readable.

  2. Hi there, Another option, from a fellow vegan and White Rock resident, is Uli’s on West Beach. They have a vegan cook who is more than happy to veganize menu items or create something new for customers. The vegan version of their paella is fantastic as is the quinoa salad and heirloom beet salad (minus the boccicini). Of course Organic Connections Cafe in White Rock is entirely vegan and raw so you will have a whole menu to choose from -a bit of a novelty for vegans I know. Cheers.

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