Watermelon & Radish “Ceviche”

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One part seasonal fruits, one part seasonal veggies, five parts summer.


1/2 watermelon

2 medium bunches of radishes

1 field cucumber

1 bunch of fresh mint (or 1 package)

1.5 limes

Black pepper/sea salt


1. Cube watermelon, place in bowl, and squeeze half a lime over everything to start “marinating”.

2. Peel field cucumber, slice, and chop pieces into halves.

3. After washing, cut radishes into quarters.

4. Chop mint finely.

5. Combine watermelon, field cucumber, radishes, and mint in a large bowl.

6. Add remaining lime, black pepper and sea salt to taste, and a dash of olive oil if desired.

Optional: this recipe also works very well with green beans. Steam, let them cool, chop into smaller pieces and add to the mixture.



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