Welcome Erica & Sami from [in the oven] Vegan Bakery!

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Hello Vegan Projecter’s….Vegan Project Readers…Vegan Projectins…Uhh, you know what we mean. HI! We are Sami & Erica and we’ll be blogging for the Vegan Project every other Thursday! We’ll be discussing new recipes we’ve tried, our baking adventures (we’ll get to this soon!), the vegan scene in Vancouver, and anything else vegan related.

Who are we?

I’m sure you’re all dying of curiosity to figure out who we are and what our deal is. Well, here’s our super quick condensed version of just that! We met teaching in London, started baking in our school, felt inspired, moved to Vancouver to pursue a baking business – [in the oven]. Now we’re working at the Baker’s market, blogging nonstop and convincing bakeries to sell our goods! For the more expanded and fluffy story check out our Facebook page.

Our Mission:

All in all, we LOVE cooking. We LOVE baking. And we LOVE doing it vegan style. We are on a mission to prove to everyone vegan food and baked goods are delicious and possible for anyone to try! Stay tuned for our posts and hope you enjoy! Leave us comments, let us know what you think and we look forward to getting to know you guys as well!

Erica & Sami

[in the oven]




We’re really excited to welcome Erica & Sami to the team – stay tuned!

~The Vegan Project






  1. We are so excited to have you on board!

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