What We’re About

Since September 2009, we’ve been learning about veganism and documenting our experiences on our blog as we explore vegan cuisine, vegan fashion, vegan fitness and vegan restaurants in our hometown of Vancouver, BC. We basically love everything to do with a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle.

We do not claim to be perfect vegans, rather people interested in doing our best to reduce our consumption of animal products while helping others explore veganism too.

Our goal is to inspire others, not change them.

If you’re interested in veganism, check out our first recipe ebook ‘Vegan Cooking at Home‘ for an introduction to the vegan lifestyle. It has everything you need to get started: a 7-day meal plan, shopping list, snack suggestions, nutrition tips and of course, recipes!

OUR MANTRA: We’re The Vegan Project, not perfect.

Everyone has a different reason for eating vegan food. For us, we simply love animals and the planet and we just want everyone on Earth to be healthy and happy. Is that too much to ask? Vegan creeps into every aspect of our 30-something urban lives as we strive for balance between staying true to our hearts and reaching for the stars. We cover it all. And if there’s something we missed, please let us know!


We’re all about the plant-based cuisine, baby. We love trying new food and we definitely aren’t willing to sacrifice flavour – so we don’t! The Vegan Project creates and shares recipes that are both delicious and nourishing. Our goal is simple: to entice all who visit to EAT MORE VEGGIES!


With so much good food fueling our bodies, it makes us want to move, gain strength, power and flexibility. We love trying new, trendy workouts, along with classic weight training regimens and yoga postures. We’ll try anything once (when it comes to fitness) and are always on the hunt for new sweat-inducing programs.


Our vegan lifestyle extends to what we wear; from head to toe. Of course we’d love to sport all the top designer fashions but alas, they do not align with our values. But we do not suffer. Instead, we vintage shop, support vegan designers and cross our fingers that more and more beautiful clothes that don’t use leather, wool, feathers, silk or skin will keep popping up, so that we too, can strut our stuff in (cruelty-free) style.


We know you’ve seen that little bunny symbol that indicates no animals were harmed in the making of your skin cream. We hold that symbol very dear to our hearts and continue to research, review and test out products to ensure their cruelty-free status and beauty benefits.


We are so lucky to be living out our passions every day, following our hearts and filling our bellies with good, wholesome food. Our animal friends are happier because of it (we hope) and that alone, makes us happy.

All this being said, we are The Vegan Project, not perfect. It’s not about sticking to a diet, it’s about adopting a culture – a way of being.

Do your best and have fun!


The Vegan Project