Who Let The (V)-Dogs Out? A Review for the dogs!

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Most of the people who have had a dog or cat in their life are familiar with the incredibly wide range of brands and products, that comprise the extensive market of food for our beloved companion animals. In the past few years, we have observed a new trend being integrated into this industry:  the prevalence of organic ingredients, a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, and now- vegan food for cats and dogs.

One of these companies is V-Dog, established in 2005 by a vegan family, based in California. ” We’re committed”, write the founders, ”  to what we call the win-win-win lifestyle, which is for the animals, for the planet and for the opportunity to live a more peaceful life full of abundant health and happiness. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer a healthy alternative dog food for peaceful pooches everywhere.” V-Dog products are gluten-free, and contains no corn, no wheat and no soy- common fillers in a lot of animal products today. The products are a human- grade, hypoallergenic formula of super grains, veggies & fruits, suitable for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

The inclusion of superfoods means the products are loaded with vitamins and minerals, supporting brain development and heart health as our four-legged friends mature.

V-Dog sent some products my way, so naturally, I had to recruit two of the experts to help sample the goods.

Elsie is my “niece”, a bluenose pitbull that was lucky to find her way to Vancouver-based HugABull Rescue. Extensive details of her past aren’t known, but she spent a good few years living outside on a chain, being used as a breeding dog. With the incredible work and support of HugABull, she found her way to Stacey- an amazing dog “mother” who has single-handedly changed her  life. Now, Elsie is lucky to spend her days working in several different offices, attempting to wrestle her giant body into many laps, and graciously offering to sample dog treats and food.

To keep things equal, I will refer to Howard (” Howie”) as my nephew. Also a small dog trapped in a large-breed body, Howie lives with one of my closest friends and her partner. I’ve known him since he was a puppy, and though his size has changed, his personality has remained the same: a giant oaf full of love, with a passion for fine canine cuisine.

Elsie and Howie sampled two products: the Breath Bones, which promise to support dental health and provide a sweet, cinnamon breath, and the Kibble, a plant-based formula boasting 24% protein.

The first thing I noticed when we opened up the Breath Bones was the scent. The inherent recoil that usually accompanies unsealing of a dog food pack was not present. The aroma was exactly the same as pumpkin pie. Elsie and Howie were clearly delighted, noted in their paralyzed excitement, combined with the begging eyes that say ” why the heck is it taking you so long to get that to me?” (Refer to visuals above.)

Within minutes (seconds), both dogs had polished off the Breath Bones, followed quickly by the Kibble. If you want to see a dog literally inhale food, these were the products to induce it. Sure enough, Elsie, who is especially a great fan of licking faces and ears- boasted a pleasant, cinnamon-y breath true to the product’s promise.

Caring about what we consume, studying ingredient lists on packaging, re-considering our options for food choices: perhaps this is something we can now consider applying to the foods we offer our dogs, cats, and other companion animals. Balanced nutrition for our furry friends is not something that requires fillers, six-syllable ingredients and questionable scents. V-Dog has translated their commitment of animals into a line of healthy, ethical, and canine-approved products, and the end result is human and pup-approved.

Next up: Breath Bones in my morning pumpkin smoothie?


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  1. Roberta King says:

    Good article, but you left out the cost. Do they deliver the largest, heavy bag right to your door, and what is the minimum order and shipping charge for Canada?


  2. Hi Roberta! We deliver the v-dog right to your door from one of our two Canadian warehouses, yes. The large 30lb bag is $59.99 plus the flat $10 shipping. Please let us know if you have any questions at all! info@v-dog.com

  3. Melissa says:

    I am from Canada and I order the largest bags, multiple at a time. The charge for Canada is $10 regardless of the order size. They come right to my door and in a short time period as well! I love the product and the price is cheaper than “high quality” meat-containing dog foods.

  4. Great piece and those two have the typical, “Oh boy! I’m about to get my V-dog!” look.

    My 21 month-old, British Columbian, super healthy, muscled, shiny coated, energetic dog has been on V-dog since she was 4 months-old. She loves it and it apparently loves her.

    And I love being able to support a vegan company while giving my dog the best.

  5. You leave out the part where animals are dying from not being fed meat. Feeding a vegan diet is cruel and projecting your personal value system on a carnivorous animal. ESPECIALLY for cats, who are obligate carnivores.

    I am so shocked to see this blog promote something that is damaging to the animals we all work hard to protect.

    • Thanks for the note, Kate! I think it’s worth noting (as is the same with humans and the food we eat), that the most crucial thing to be aware of is maintaining a balanced diet. Any dietary style that is mismanaged can result in poor nutrition, and illness., and sadly we can see this happening with animals who eat non-vegan, and vegan diets. V Dog is an example of an ethically-produced vegan product, that will work for some dogs, and perhaps not for others. This isn’t advocating for all domestic animals to follow a vegan diet, yet offering up an alternative which is great for some pups with especially sensitive systems. The best thing is to choose the foods and eating styles that are best for your pup, his/her body, and specific dietary needs, whatever they may be. 🙂

  6. Great review! My alaskan malamute loves V-dog, too!

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