Whole Food Challenge 2011-Ian Checks in

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“Ian Wenig talks about his first day of the 2011 Whole Foods Challenge. While the Challenge is not raw, I have included many alkaline living food options, and Ian chose to plunge right in and ate raw for one whole day! As one of the pioneers for the challenge, he has been been given one of many opportunities to show me where my instructions are unclear which resulted in soaking a whole batch of sunflower seeds in apple cider vinegar. Yikes! (Unfortunately it did not result in a delicious new recipe creation) My apologies Ian. BTW – if you can, pre-soak all your nuts, seeds, grains and legumes with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar AND water to decrease the amount of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors.”

~ Julie Beyer

When Julie had asked me to take the Whole Food Challenge I jumped right in. I love Julie’s recipe’s and wanted to learn her secrets of youth and beauty 🙂 I had also just been in Mexico where I had too quickly let go of a four month homeopathic liver cleanse. So, I was of prepared for the challenge. And definitely in need of re-alignment.

My first day started like this:
After soaking my sunflower seeds overnight in 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, I woke excited to try my first recipe: Chocolate Sun Mylk. I had wondered about what the taste would be like combining now very sour soaked seeds with carob, dates and stevia. Then I had my answer. Julie had meant to soak them in water, adding only a couple tablespoons full of the sour stuff.

The next step was to strain the mylk in one of those strainer bags. But I only had cheesecloth. I had used it before for making almond milk. It worked but it was a bit messy. This time, the sour seed milk clogged up the cloth immediately and because the cloth was cut too short, it collapsed into my mixing bowel and all the stuff that was supposed to get strained, oozed out into the bowel. Then I tasted it, and it was like uncooked sour dough bread. So I made the executive decision not to waste any more of the ingredients and to start over – tomorrow – stay tuned.

For lunch, I ate some millet rice manna bread and my first successful challenge recipe: Lemon thyme, sun-dried tomato spread. mmm. The semi-sweet cake like bread really absorbed the rich olive oil drenched tomato-y spread and I almost ate the week’s supply in one go. But I rated the recipe a 6.5, tasted a little too sweet for my savory palette.
For dinner, I warmed a couple of Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted whole grain tortillas and had a go at Julie’s pizza recipe. I used some more of my 6.5 sun dried tomato spread as the base and then improvised the rest. I hate pineapple on pizza (as called for in the recipe) – but I used some sliced green pepper, fresh thyme and cilantro, a handful of sprouted alfalfa (store bought), added some dried dulce for some salt and minerals and sprinkled some organic habanero hot sauce to give it some zest.

So, I wrap up my first day without a single cooked meal. I am feeling stuffed actually. Tomorrow we’ll revisit the sunflower mylk thingy and try my hand at wheatberry porridge.

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The 2011 Whole Foods Challenge is Compliments of Julie Beyer from For the Love of Food. For more information check out her Facebook and Twitter
~The Vegan Project

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