Whole Food Challenge 2011-Meet the Contestants

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Ted Radcliffe

Self-Employed Web Designer & Developer

Ted LOVES…His son who lives far away, (and misses him a lot!) Playing in a band as a bass player, and cruising the seawall with his vintage cruiser bikes on a sunny day.

(Pssst…Feel free to check out his band: Wonderful Diving Horses)

Ted is INSPIRED to make conscious foods choices to get healthier in 2011 and has never had a vegan meal plan and is eager to try it out.

Ted’s CHALLENGE? He says he is a pretty basic (boring?) eater, coffee in the AM, sandwich at noon, and maybe rice or pasta and veggies and something to accompany that for dinner. He has started to turn to mixing and matching spices to his every day foods, but has ended up with nightmare dishes and tends to eat the same old stuff when he’s eating at home.

Ted is looking for every day eating choices that are healthy and yet interesting so he doesn’t have to eat out in pubs and restaurants and get fat.

Jennifer Hanover

Owner of Bikram Yoga White Rock, co-founder TheVeganProject.ca

Jennifer LOVES…her best friends Bridget and Jessica, fiancé Kevin, pug Winston, yoga, writing and sharing fantastic vegan food with the world

Jennifer is INSPIRED…to eat whole clean foods to benefit her yoga practice, especially before she is goingt to compete, feel good and avoid allergic reactions she gets when she eats processed foods.

Jennifer’s CHALLENGE? To eat whole clean food more consistently.

Bridget Burn

Actor, Bartender, Co-Founder of TheVeganProject.ca, part-time Yogini & full time vegan.

Bridget LOVES…to cook! She often spends hours in the kitchen developing exciting and delicious recipes for her fabulous site.  And her magical cats (she has 4!)

Bridget is INSPIRED… to eat healthier for the planet, animals and her health.

Bridget’s CHALLENGE? To kick the habit of her two guilty pleasures: coffee and store bought dairy replacements.

Ian Wenig

Ian works from his stress-free home office in the software industry

Ian LOVES… Life, Dance, Music, Clean Air, Food, Water, Creatures with more then 2 legs/arms including his cat Nilum; adventure & travel.

Ian is INSPIRED…to eat a whole food plant-based diet because…he just got off the plane from a two week eat and drink anything holiday in Mexico. And his liver and other organs are crying out for some good wholesome, energizing, alkaline-izing foods.

He also recently did a live blood analysis and he results were not impressive. He had thought of himself as a fairly healthy, no meat, semi-vegetarian. He did tend to enjoy wine and a few other slow killers including lots of cheese, sugars and a hefty cup of jabba in the morning.

Ian’s CHALLENGE? He doesn’t have a live in chef and he is” lazy” (his words not mine!), and tends to stick with what he knows best – bread, cheese, pasta, etc. Ian wants to kick the cheese and sugar habit and eat healthy consistently.

Suzanah Lazzaro

Ayurvedic/Thai Massage Therapist, Owner of Metta Touch Massage (She gives amazing massages BTW!)

Suzanaha LOVES…Massage, Yoga, Metta, Adventures, Healthy Living, Snowshoeing!

Suzanah is INSPIRED…to make conscious food choices “To feel good! To do good! For the planet, for myself and for my loved ones. Food is medicine and has a huge capacity to heal, uplift and energize. A fundamental way to nurture and nourish yourself and others is through the preparation and enjoyment of healthy, whole foods.”

Suzanah’s CHALLENGE…Timing & Organization! She is not always prepared.

Jenny Duffy

Full time dance teacher, part time accountant. (Check out info on her dance classes!)

Jenny LOVES…  dancing, music, good food, sharing laughter with friends

Jenny is INSPIRED to make concious food choices because it’s the only logical choice: “It’s better for my body, for the earth, for the animals.”

Jenny’s CHALLENGE: The planning required. She needs to do a lot of pre-cooking and preparation of food so that she always has good nutritious food available when she’s on the go.

Jessica Grajczyk

Web copywriter at Webcopyplus, co-founder of TheVeganProject.ca

Jessica LOVES… writing, making crafts, her dog Derick, her best friends Jen, Bridget and Jenny, her family.

Jessica is INSPIRED to make conscious foods choices because….she enjoys life more, respects the environment more, and wants to move toward a healthier general population with less disease.

Jessica’s CHALLENGE:  Making healthier and ethical food choices more affordable and avoiding unhealthy foods that tempt her (she love french fries!)

Follow their progress and cheer them on all week!

~The Vegan Project

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