Whole Food Challenge 2011 – Updates

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So the group of seven has been following Julie’s meal plan for three days now, and it seems everyone is adjusting nicely. There has been some trepidation around the work involved to get everything prepared, but no question that everything is very delicious.

Here are some highlights so far…

Ian’s First Day…

“After soaking my sunflower seeds overnight in 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, I woke excited to try my first recipe: Chocolate Sun Mylk. I had wondered about what the taste would be like combining now very sour soaked seeds with carob, dates and stevia. Then I had my answer. Julie had meant to soak them in water, adding only a couple tablespoons full of the sour stuff…”

“For lunch, I ate some millet rice manna bread and my first successful challenge recipe: Lemon thyme, sun-dried tomato spread. mmm…So, I wrap up my first day without a single cooked meal. I am feeling stuffed actually. Tomorrow we’ll revisit the sunflower mylk thingy and try my hand at wheatberry porridge. “”As one of the pioneers for the challenge, he has been been given one of many opportunities to show me where my instructions are unclear which resulted in soaking a whole batch of sunflower seeds in apple cider vinegar. Yikes! (Unfortunately it did not result in a delicious new recipe creation) My apologies Ian. BTW – if you can, pre-soak all your nuts, seeds, grains and legumes with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar AND water to decrease the amount of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors.” ~ Julie

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Bridget’s first day…

“For lunch we had the tomato kreme soup, which was divine, with a wrap loaded with dips and veggies.  I went over to Jessica’s house for dinner to prep for BTV the next morning, and she made Jen and I, Julie’s Lentildelicious soup-so yummy!”

“I am really enjoying all of this so far. I do miss my coffee, but am looking forward to kicking the habit so I can ENJOY it once in awhile instead of NEED it to start my day.  It took a bit of work in the beginning to make all the dips, spreads, soaking etc.,  but now I have a fridge packed with homemade goodness! ”

Bridget, is learning Secret #4 for the Quick of Everyday Healthy of making food once and using 2 + times like the Zughetti example above made with 2 versatile spreads of Lemon Thyme Sun Dried sauce and basil sun pesto for quick and delicious. ~ Julie

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More to come!

~The Vegan Project

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