Why Vegan?

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We get a lot of emails from people who are curious about a vegan lifestyle and looking for help on where to begin their own vegan journey!  We always enjoy hearing the reasons why people are reaching out. It seems everyone has a slightly different motivation for making the switch.  For some it’s health, others it’s ethics.

So we thought we’d share our own reasons why we (the girls of The Vegan Project) are vegan.  Share your reasons in the comments below!  We’d love to know!

Bridget Burns?

I have always loved animals. From collecting caterpillars in jars (I thought I was helping them, and was devastated when they died) to keeping stray kittens in my garage, hoping my mom wouldn’t notice. When I got to an age and level of awareness around where food came from and what the animals went through to get onto my plate, I could no longer be a part of it. They mean too much to me.

A frequently asked question I get is “what about ethically raised meat/eggs/dairy?”  My answer?  I don’t need it, so I don’t eat it.

It’s that simple to me.

Salsa Sam Shorkey?

First off, I’m from a teeny, tiny town full of hunters.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve witnessed dead deer slung in the backs of pick-up trucks.  My mom, on the other hand, has always been the biggest animal savior and my own personal hero.  Ever since I can remember, she’s kept gloves in the trunk of her car for helping turtles cross the road, taken in countless strays, raised orphaned baby squirrels, built insulated and heated houses for feral cats and spent thousands of dollars on deer feed.  Don’t even get me started on the insane amount of wildlife that resides behind the house; from birds and raccoons to deer and wild turkeys. 

I was taught to love and respect ALL living creatures.  To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Haha, my mom even used to let me skip school to protest at a popular four-way intersection near our house during hunting season. Ever since I can remember, we’d always been animal rights advocates. 

My older sister went vegetarian when she was 14 and at the same time (eight years old) I became one too.   I went vegan in 2011 when I not only learned that my egg and dairy consumption was still contributing to the death and suffering of animals but I started hanging out with Bridget and Jen of The Vegan Project who showed me the variety of tasty, plant-based foods that existed!  It was the best decision I ever made and one that I will never go back on.

Zoe Peled?

Two main reasons why I’m vegan…
When I became vegetarian when I was twelve, my reasons were all based around animal treatment and welfare. Over the next few years, while still consuming dairy and eggs on a regular basis, I learned more about the industries. It became horribly apparent to me that the mistreatment of animals within those industries, though perhaps not on the same level as meat, was very prevalent. To me, it got to a point where the reasons that I chose to be vegetarian were cancelled out completely by eating the occasional egg or having milk in my coffee.

I learned more about our family’s medical history. A few years ago, I knew that we had certain issues, but didn’t understand the full extent of them until a few years ago. On both sides, we have heart disease, strokes, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, just to name a few.  I decided that being vegan was the best way to take care of my body now, and keep it strong and nourished… Knowing that putting the best possible food in my body will give me a chance of avoiding these medical issues.

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