Why We Love Fall

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This time of year we open our homes to friends and family and gather for many, many meals to fuel us through the colder months. Here are a few things about the Fall Season that we just love (well, some of us) and why this time of year is so inspiring for food.


Oh my, how do I even begin to describe just how much I love fall?  I ponder this as the “Salted Caramel” candle from Bath & Bodyworks burns, setting the mood for this answer ever so autumnly…

From a completely vain, egotistical standpoint, truth be told I look prettier in the fall/winter!!  Perhaps ironic because I’m a skin-bearing bikini competitor but I seriously feel sexiest in thick black tights, knee-high boots & a cute, snug, lil’ sweater dress.  Remember that book every mom owned from the 80s called “Color Me Beautiful?”  It says I look best in “rich, warm colors like the autumn foliage or exotic spice colors.”  And it’s true, I DO hahaha!!

The second reason I love fall is because HELLO, the BEST holiday of all takes place at the end of October aka All Hallows Eve!  I absolutely adore wearing costumes!  For Halloween, I always dress up in obscure, sometimes disturbing costumes but with a skanky flair.  I never understand the people who don’t go crazy for this glorious occasion.  Halloween is the one night every year where anything goes and you get to be whatever or whoever you want!!  Oh and did I mention eating caramel apples, trick or treating, hot apple cider and pumpkin/sweet potato/apple pies galore?!?!

Check out The VP’s group costume last year… yup, The Golden Girls!

I also just love the smell of fall.  It’s so nice walking around, leaves all over the ground, breathing in that crisp, autumn air (and being all cozy in my “exotic spice coloured” fall jacket and knee-high boots!)  Love it.


I don’t like fall at all actually.  It’s cold, everything’s dying and the future looks bleak.  Not to mention, being a Vancouver resident, I know I’m not going to see the sun again until May, April if I’m lucky.  I’ve never been a fan of Halloween either but Shorkey roped me in again this year in her Halloween bonzanza and I feel obligated because our friend Jessica moved to Toronto (her usual costumed wingman.)

The one redeeming quality about Autumn?  Fall foods definitely inspire me more than spring and summer cuisine. I don’t eat as much in the spring/summer because I’m out and about, basking in the sun and riding my bike!  In the fall/winter, I hibernate and spend day and night in the kitchen.  So yes, I do like those warm, comforting flavours.  Not to mention having the oven on is a great excuse to heat my house because my boyfriend is always riding my ass about wasting electricity.


1) Stanley Park. Being there anytime throughout September/October reminds me of how lucky we are to live here, and have that park minutes away from the downtown core.

2) Pumpkin Chai from David’s Tea. The mix is a spiced black tea made with cinnamon, pumpkin pieces, cloves and cardamom plus the sweetness of caramel and pumpkin candy. Anybody who is a fan knows that this is a seasonal tea, and you need to stockpile it like nobody’s business. Add a bit of coconut milk and agave, and I could take care of five cups a day. (Standby for a cheesecake recipe in the works, featuring this tea!!)

3) Pumpkin Chai candles- made by Nest- (sold at Holt Renfrew). These are also seasonal, and need to be taken advantage of. They last forever, make your house smell heavenly, and act (almost) as a good sensory substitute if you run out of David’s tea.

4) Though I’m eating raw for the month of October and can’t experience it firsthand- my mother’s cooking for Thanksgiving. Our family meals are a combo of vegetarian/vegan dishes. My mum makes an annual “meatloaf”, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn, two kinds of salad, cranberry sauce, vegetarian stuffing, and of course- pumpkin pie. She always makes sure there are vegan dessert options for me as well.

5) Brussels sprouts. Any day, every way.

6) Sweet potatoes and yams. Though they’re still perfect roasted with olive oil and sea salt, there aren’t many vegetables that can be a key ingredient in main dishes, appetizers or desserts- and taste amazing in them all.

7) Pumpkin: chai, candles, pie, in smoothies, and in dessert.

8) The Vegan Project Autumn newsletter!


  1. Unfortunately, Pumpkin Char from David’s Tea is not vegan 🙁

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